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Eyewear in Broomfield

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Multifocal eyeglass lenses in Broomfield

If you have more than one refraction error problem, you might have two pairs of eyeglasses; one for reading to see close objects and one for distance vision to see far away for things like driving. Purchasing two pairs of eyewear in Broomfield can be costly and takes extra effort and care. The good news is, there are more affordable options.

Instead of buying two pairs of eyeglasses, you could buy one pair of eyewear in Broomfield that has more than one lens power such as multifocals. There are different types of multifocal lenses that can benefit you because they have more than one lens powers. Bifocals are eyeglasses that have lenses that have two different optical powers. They benefit patients who need for both near and farsighted vision correction. They are created in a way that close-up vision is at the bottom and far-away vision is at the top. They are designed in such a way that the bottom part of the lens is for close-up focusing and the top part is for long distance vision. Therefore, a person wearing bifocals would have to get used to looking up when they are focusing on long distance objects and look down when focusing on nearby objects. Trifocals are very similar to bifocals. The difference is that they have three different optical powers within the lens that corrects vision at all distances. While bifocals and trifocals have many benefits, like everything else, they do have some disadvantages. Some people don’t like their appearance because they have visible lines on the lenses. Progressive lenses would be a better option for them. Progressive lenses are also called or referred to as non-line bifocals. Progressives also offer a more natural vision correction for people with presbyopia than bifocals or trifocals offer. Progressives also have multiple lens powers that provide you with clear vision at all distances.

To learn more about different types of lens powers, you should consult with our expert. Contact us to schedule your eyewear in Broomfield consultation today.

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