Contact lens exam Broomfield

Contact Lens Exam Broomfield

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Broomfield

Contact lens exam Broomfield
Contact lens exam Broomfield

Congratulations on your decision to choose contact lenses for your vision correction needs. They provide a more natural type of vision without hindering your peripheral (side-to-side) vision at all. And your facial appearance remains unchanged, unlike with eyeglasses. At Sowash Optometry Group, we start off by doing a contact lens exam and fitting, to ensure that you are going to have the best experience possible with them.

Our contact lens exam Broomfield is not in place of a standard eye exam, but rather an extension of it. When you come in to get corrective eyewear, and at least once per year, a complete eye checkup is essential to make certain that your current vision needs are being met. With our contact lens exam Broomfield, greater attention is paid to the parts of your eyes that are touching the lenses every day. Those parts are your conjunctiva, corneas, and eye lids. The purpose is to root out any potential issues that could cause you complications, including inflammation and infection later on. That takes care of the exam part, but what about the fitting? We want to keep your contacts feeling feeling good when you put them in. There should be no awkwardness or discomfort to speak of. If you have negativity when wearing them, you’ll likely make excuses not to. And then you won’t be seeing as well as you can. In addition, improperly fitting contacts may not offer you the most you can get out of the prescription that our eye doctor has written for you. Our optician will work with you to find the type of contacts that ideally suit your needs, comfort level, and lifestyle.

Reach out to our office and let us schedule you for a convenient time to come in for our contact lens exam Broomfield and a fitting. It’s a small and worthwhile investment in time in advance of enjoying long term benefits from your contacts.

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